InfyMakers Awards

Spring Cycle 2016 Youth Winners

  • Team Trivia Friends 2

    Coral Springs, FL

    Trivia Friends 2 is an online educational game for students in middle school.

  • Team Epi-Spot

    Glenview, IL

    Epi-Spot is a furry friend to help people learn to administer lifesaving epinephrine injections.

  • Team Solar Powered Cargo Boat

    Citrus Heights, CA

    We made a solar powered boat with AA batteries,a solar panel, a pencil box, and duct tape.

  • Team Junior Maker Show and Tell

    Bismarck, MO

    The Junior Maker Show and Tell is a live, online, interactive Show and Tell for young people.

  • Team Chill Out

    Wellington, FL

    Chill Out is a water bottle, snack container, and fan with solar rechargeable batteries.

  • Team Running on Water

    San Mateo, CA

    I built a system to produce hydrogen as a replacement for gasoline as engine fuel.

  • Team Eye See You Can Draw Now

    New Orleans, LA

    This a eye-tracking apparatus custom software that allows the disabled to draw using their eyes.

Spring Cycle 2016 Adult Winners

  • Rory A.

    San Luis Obispo, CA

    FarmBot is humanity's open-source CNC farming machine and software package for DIY food production.

  • Phillip D.

    Cambridge, MA

    I built a robot Tuna to reduce the cost of completing missions at sea.

  • Elke F.

    Reno, NV

    SimViz is a free app giving a first hand experience how a visually impaired person sees the world.

  • Jesse R.

    Madison, WI

    Almost everywhere in the world has compostable material but not everyone has electricity till now!

  • Natalie J.

    New York, NY

    Feral Robotics: curricula to upgrade the raison d'etre of commercially available robotic dog toys.