InfyMakers Awards

2015 Winter Cycle Adult Winners

  • Kyle H.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Innovative, simple, clean water for the world.

  • Chris K.

    Baltimore, MD

    The Pocket Turbidity Meter: A simple, affordable water quality monitor for everyone.

  • James R.

    Madison, WI

    Quiescent: Making vibrating therapy devices available for everyone with Parkinson's

  • Dylan L.

    New York, NY

    OHorizons: Open-source, DIY solution to exponentially increase access to clean water in remote communities!

  • Deren G.

    Brooklyn, NY

    Engineering literacy is on the decline, our STEM Curricula Companion will fight against this trend.

  • Gajendraprabu E.

    Kennesaw, GA

    Intelligent and Easy to Install Toilet Water Leak Detector, that alerts leaky toilet and save water.

  • Kamesh B.

    Pasadena, CA

    Wirecog can autonomously produce user interface source code from wireframe design images.

  • Gordon M.

    Bethelehem, PA

    NODE is a low cost universal data monitoring unit for the developing world - any sensors, anywhere.

  • Rebecca Y.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Next Step is a 3D printed prothetic leg covering that can be made in under 24 hours for amputees.

  • AJ A.

    Pomona, CA

    Robot Zookeepers: Kits that combine mechanical design, electronics, and coding for creating Robot Petting Zoos.

2015 Winter Cycle Youth Winners

  • Karma Charger

    San Diego, CA

    The Karma Charger is a low cost, powerful, easy to build solar phone charger designed to save lives.

  • BusBudE Secure Travel Notification Systems

    McDonald, PA

    BusBudE keeps students safe traveling to and from school on the bus.

  • Team Coolkap

    Ripton, VT

    A dapper electronic solar powered hat to cool you off in summer. Made by two kids in Vermont.

2015 Fall Cycle Winners

  • Xanthe M.

    Trumansburg, NY

    Easy-to-install light system that visualizes air quality data in real time.

  • Gokul K.

    New York, NY

    Designing Mobile Makerspaces for patients in children's hospital.

  • Xunjie Z.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Intelligent electric shoes save your commute time by doubling your walking speed.

  • Emily H.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    We created a robotics kit that helps 8-10 year old students engineer solutions to school problems.

  • SiDi H.

    Oak Park, IL

    Tailor your baggy shirts in under 2 minutes with the ZipSeam.

  • Vaishnavi K.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    A robotic trash can that automatically senses and sorts recyclable material from trash.

  • David C.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    The Riding Hood A self-contained, voice-activated signaling system that fits most heads and helmets.

  • Ermine T.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    The Braille Tutor project teaches the skill of writing braille through immediate audio feedback.

  • Cam H.

    Atherton, CA

    Healyx is developing a medical device to enable doctors in low-income countries to provide NPWT.

  • Jerry O.

    Coral Springs, FL

    The "Nebutyre" is a medical device. Its a nebulizer for the third world that uses the tire pressure.