InfyMakers Awards



Dr. Uma Mudenagudi
Sourabh Alagundagi
Sandeep Patil
Shreya Gudasalamani
B. V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering amd Technology, Hubli
Category: Social Change Solutions

Communicative Glove is an innovative, affordable solution in the form of a human interface device. It converts signs like hand gestures to the corresponding audio and text output. The glove tracks each sign, processes it and transmits the data to the app.

Regenerative brakes for cycle rickshaw

Sanjeev Arjun Gaur
Category: Social Change Solutions

This innovative device makes pedalling a cycle rickshaw easier and safer. The energy which is otherwise lost when applying brakes, will be stored on this device to give the vehicle a powerful initial push and energy to restart, after which the pedalling becomes very easy. Additionally it provides stability when applying brakes since this is installed on the rear axle of the vehicle.

Multi functional elevator

Vuppari Kalyani
Category: Social Change Solutions

Due to modernization, the elevator system has become an essential part of most high rise buildings. 99% of elevators used today are designed to carry people in the vertical direction. Only few elevators which are designed for special purposes which can move in different directions. The technology used in this model is a multi functional elevator which can move in a vertical and a horizontal direction.


Ilampothigai K.
Anand Gopi
Ibrahim Ahmed Hassan Awad
Category: Social Change Solutions

"REMOTE ACCESSIBLE SAFETY AND SECURITY SYSTEM Due to the lack of communication and coordination among the linemen working on electricity lines, many people are affected and some are fatal as well. To overcome this, a solution has been designed to ensure the safety of those working on these lines. "

Maritime Border Warning System

Aravind S.
Balaji V.
Aravind G.
Category: Social Change Solutions

Our fishermen in Tamil nadu often venture onto Srilankan waters unknowingly. This app will warn them in due time and divert them from unfortunate incidents.

Selfie Innovators

Arun Kumar S.
VishnuPriya S.
Category: Social Change Solutions

PUBLIC OVER DUMP LIMITER (POD Limiter) is designed with the basics of GARBAGE BIN to clean the dustbins lining streets using IOT (Internet of things)in future concept. ARDUINO, PIR sensors at 4 edges, motors for opening and closing, RFID cards that can be accessed only by the Municipality Department. GSM is used in this demo [Internet Of Things-is concept needs to get applied]. Whenever the set limit has been crossed, the PIR sensor will detect within a particular distance following which a GSM/IOT can be used to send information to the Municipality Department.

Invisible Bus Bay

Chetan Prasad
Category: Social Change Solutions

In our public transport system, the basic act of entry and exit is dangerous & confusing. Our bus stops are defined by where the DRIVER decides to stop the bus, which is in the middle of the road, causing traffic jams, road rage, & forcing commuters to literally "catch" the bus dodging other moving vehicles which has resulted in tragic accidents. Bus bays, concrete, metal and plastic barricades, dedicated bus lanes & the very expensive 'Bus Rapid Transport' have all failed. IBB works within the infrastructure of any city, is cost effective, cannot be subverted by errant drivers & offers the 'Last Meter' connectivity.

Shour - The Smarter Way to Shower

Aakash Goel
Category: Social Change Solutions

Shour, is a smart showerhead designed to eliminate the wastage of time, money, and water consumed by showers. The showerhead market is enormous, and this technology can be introduced to the market by licensing it to existing showerhead manufacturers, and collaborating with builders to install it in all future constructions.

TycheeJuno's BPPC Technology

Sameer Panda
Dr. K.N. Panda
Smritiparna Satpathy
Jayant Pradhan
Category: Social Change Solutions

"This invention significantly decreases the possibility of a tyre burst, caused mainly due to localized overheating inside the tyre. The coolant present inside the chamber acts as a carrier of heat and distributes it uniformly throughout the inner surface of the tyre. The Sealant present inside solidifies when it comes in contact with the air, thus sealing any possible hole caused by a puncture."

Heart Beat Monitoring System Using Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi)

Deepika Giri
V. Krishna Kumar
Kavitha Sowndararajan
L. Jamuna.
Category: Health

As of today, Wi-Fi is used for patient monitoring and in medical equipment such as infusion pumps, defibrillators, monitors etc. It uses radio waves that cause health vulnerabilities. Li-Fi is a 5G Visible Light Communication system that uses visible light to transmit high speed data. Through this, the heart rate of a patient can be continuously monitored and sent to the receiver using Li-Fi technology, a solution with no health hazards


Shantanu Pathak
Aditya Kulkarni
Category: Health

At CareNx we offer clinic-in-box solution to hospitals for an effective outreach at a reduced operational cost. Our ready-to-use solution for pregnancy care "CareMother" has served around 3,000 pregnancies. Through this opportunity we wish to establish a business case by empowering 20 health-workers with 20 kits.

Arduous Therapist

C.Cornelius Durai
T.David Thevaram
Category: Health

This device has been made to enable patients suffering from a stroke. It provides passive exercises for hands and wrists along with the fingers. For hands, the device helps them exercise by bending and stretching the elbow. For wrists and fingers, a separate splint is designed for continuous movement of the whole unit. This enables patients to exercise on their own without depending on an attender. Thus ensuring patients exercise on a regular basis, to avoid disabilities like muscular cramps etc.


Abhinav Shekhar Vashistha
Category: Health

VTALK is an Augmented Alternative Communication(AAC) device which helps mute individuals communicate using a glove and an android app. The USP of this device over other similar devices, is its affordability while being efficient and easy to use.

SitAby - The posture proctor

Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta
Kunal Panchal
Yerra Prasanthi
Satish Reddy
Vishakha Choudhary
Category: Health

SitAby is the solution to the issues caused by sitting, be it wrong posture or longevity. An IoT device mountable on the seat, which is wireless for the ease of usage, is intelligent, connected to mobile, and has a robust and uniquely designed algorithm. The data is captured in real time from data points arranged in a matrix, this is then transmitted to the data cloud. The data cloud stores the analysis and posture archival for future referencing, by clinician for diagnosis and treatment planning. On the basis of the current postures and longevity, an alert, is sent to the user for stance correction.


Veerpal Sharma
Divyanshu Varshney
Roopam Sharma
Category: Health

Fizio is an easy-to-use virtual rehabilitation platform designed to aid the rehabilitation process, and track the patient's progress. It aims to make physiotherapy fun and convenient by transforming existing physical therapy exercises into video-games. It uses Kinect sensor to track and assess patient's compliance. The cognitive and motor activity required in these 3D-full body motion sensing games will make the entire process engaging.

Low cost wind turbine

Krishnanand Venkatasubramanian
Senthilvel S.
Category: Energy

A low cost vertical axis wind turbine has been designed and fabricated using a recycled steel oil drum, and other commercially available materials. The power output is dependent upon the wind velocity which influences the RPM of the turbine. The setup was tested in few locations around Coimbatore and the Alternator winding was modified in order to generate electricity at lower shaft speeds (RPM). The power generated can directly be stored in a battery.

Human safety system for two wheeler vehicles 43MP

Kannabiran S
Gokul Srinath V
Boobalan B
Category: Artificial Intelligence

A helmet is normally used to protect the human skull during an accident but many people don't care about the utility of the helmet. This locker ensures the vehicle does not start unless the motorist wears a helmet. The vehicle will start only once the helmet is worn. The intention is to reduce the death rate of motorcyclists who are unaware of the importance of wearing a helmet.

Weather Proof Liquid Level Switch and Indicator

Nagarjuna Paturi
P. Devi
K. Kavitha
Category: Electronics

Every building or water tank should be equipped with simple informative devices rather than "manual checking" which cause overflow leading to wastage of water. This device will help alert the user, enabling lesser wastage of water resources.


Subhajit Biswas
Nithin Raju D.
Nitesh Kumar
Category: Others

An affordable fleet of IoT devices that optimize the present irrigation facilities to help farmers identify lands that need irrigation through a phone call.

Walking Stick For Visually Impaired

Abhishek Matlotia
Category: Others

Walking stick is an innovation designed for visually disabled people, enabling them to be self-sustained while connecting them to technology. The primary purpose of the stick is to warn the visually disabled person when faced with an obstacle enroute. The indicators used will easily notify the visually impaired person. The main features of the are obstacle detection, water detection and tracking ability of the stick in case of it being lost. The weight, the small size and the economical cost make it an asset.